Shore Acres, leaves
Shore Acres, Coos Bay, Oregon

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Photographed: Aug. 15, 2002
Format: Linhof V 4x5
Film: TRI-X
Lens: 90mm
Exposure: About 5 seconds
f/stop: f32
Negative Development: Pyro, Normal

      While I was photographing in bright sunlight rock formations at Shore Acres near Coos Bay, Oregon, my wife and son took a walk on a nearby path. They soon returned and told me that leaves, the kind I like, could be found on a hillside adjacent to the path.

      Since I was getting no where in the bright light, I went into the shadows along the path and spotted this formation of leaves entanged in tall grass under a lump of tree roots.

      I waited for a break in a light breeze that ruined several exposures with the leaves moving. This negative looked pretty sharp after being scanned.

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