Lester Road, Point of Departure aspens
Point of Departure, Aspens, Lester Road
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Photographed: October, 2002
Format: Toyo M 8x10
Film: TRI-X
Lens: 355 mm
Exposure: bracketed from 4 to 15 seconds
f/stop: f64
Negative Development: Pyro, Normal
Print size: Contact 8x10

      Ah, Lester Road. Such terrific access to these aspens. On this trip, Pat Morrissey accompanied me to this very special area. We set up about 8 feet apart. We've compared our images since then. They are totally different, as we aimed out big cameras at slightly different angles that captured significanly different images.

      I was drawn to the tunnel through the aspen canopy to the bright trees on a far hill side that had turned color earlier then the rest of the trees. I liked the way they lit up the scene, which I photographed just after sunset.

      As often happens when you view a negative after development, I noticed the tree to the right, with its spiralling, dead limbs. I missed at exposure it's impact on the final print. Very oddly shaped. I chose the negative title, Point of Departure, for a term I recently read that said to be noticed, a photographer must have a "point of departure." Well, mine appears to be aspens and their ability for metamorphic statement.

      Odd as this may seem, I hope when I die I travel down the proverbial path of light to find myself amongst a glowing stand of aspens. That would be heaven.

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