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Seeinglight Web Design

Seeinglight Web Design is an offshoot of Al Camp's creating web pages for the Internet. Al enjoys creating fun, functional sites that are affordable, work for the customer's needs and don't take months to get online. Learn more about Al.

Client work

The following are web sites Al's created:
Okanogan County Commandos
Breadline Cafe
SeeingLight Gallery
Winthrop Gallery
Okanogan Kiwanis
Stellar Crisis Room
North Cascade Athletic Club

I created the following Web site that owners later took over the maintenance. I like creating sites that can easily be taken over and done by others later.
Okanogan County Commandos
Winthrop Gallery
North Cascades Athletic Club

The following web sites were created for fun/speculation. They are mainly splash pages, with most links not working. They are copyrighted (against the law to steal) pages.
Xtreme Sports
NCW Blues Association
S&G Photographic

The following are web sites Al's either helped design, develop or maintain :
Omak Chronicle (designed, wrote code for redesign in 2006; continues to work on team to update site)
Omak Stampede (Registered name, did initial pages, arena map; no contact since 2003 or so)
NCW Soccer (Registered name, did initial pages; no contact since 2004)



Web sites

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