Ken Smith Information
      The ongoing theme of my work is the recognition of natural forces, shapes, gestures. When I choose my subjects to work with, I feel a sense of belonging to the innate forms . . . these natural shapes - some ravaged by time - I know as my own destiny. It is satisfying for me to attempt to identify the most basic truths, that are common denominators of life's dynamic both in humans and in the rest of the natural world. 

      My role as an artist is to say, "Look at this . . . it is what I feel is true . . . do you feel it also?"

      My creative life began as a freelance writer, and a commercial and editorial photographer. Since 1991, Išve been concentrating on the fine art side of the work, and for the past eight years I've been working primarily in still life. Most of my work is split-toned black & white silver prints, although I sometimes handcolor the work. 

      Recently my work has evolved towards color, and printing with archival pigment ink on fine papers. This change has imbued me with exciting new possibilities for creative expression and presentation.  

      My work has been exhibited in international venues . . . is in corporate and private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan. I live and work from my log home in the foothills of the North Cascades in north central Washington State, an environment which stimulates my spirit and artwork.   

Ken opened a web site in July, 2000, that includes many more images.

Comments can be sent to, or purchase information received from Ken Smith in Riverside, Washington.

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