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Fence and Kiva

Fence and Kiva, 1996. Lincoln, New Mexico

On a return trip to the historic town of Lincoln, New Mexico, I noticed this very clean organization of shapes along the roadway. This is one of my newer prints and the reproduction shown here represents a rather straight interpretation of the subject. The entire subject was in full shade, without the presence of distracting shadows. I think the roundish forms of the kiln in the recessed area mysteriously counter the sharp, vibrant shapes of the white fence, creating a sense of "visual irony". The negative was 4x5 Tri-X developed normally in HC-110. As a result of my book projects of 1989 through 1991, I have developed a real appreciation for the historic areas of our American West and find myself returning to these places time and time again in an effort to "see" the hidden images that lie beneath the obvious surface.

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