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     It's not what you see, but how you see.

     Every Friends' Portfolio possesses the ability to see light in a special way.

     I will continue to add my friend's portfolios as they become available. I also might add portfolios of other photographers that I deem worthy. I would require six JPEG images with a maximum size of 400 pixels either vertically or horizontally. Quality should be 4 or 5, no more. Resolution on the Net is 72. I will make the thumbnails.

     If you want, you can send me a link where I can view your work. That way you won't tie up my e-mail with huge messages and I can quickly see more of your work.

     I am going to be picky about what photographers and images I post, since it's my time and money that maintains the site. However, I can be bribed (chuckle).

     If your portfolio is accepted, I will post a link from Friends' Portfolios to your portfolio page that contains thumbnail images. Each thumbnail will lead to a larger image. I will post a biography page if you send one, which I suggest. I won't be posting print prices. I feel photographers should handle purchases on their own. E-mail addresses for each photographer are included on all portfolio pages.

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fillAl Camp image
fillAl Camp

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Stu Levy

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fillKen Smith

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fillPat Morrissey

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fillPaul Roark

fillLynn Radeka image
fillLynn Radeka

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