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fillAl Camp lives in Okanogan County located in north central Washington state about 50 miles south of the Canadian border, 100 miles north of Wenatchee and 150 miles west of Spokane.

fillAl created his initial Internet gallery (at for those who enjoyed photography, fine art landscapes and views of Okanogan County. Until he's discovered by a gallery, he's sharing his images and his friends' images on the web.

fillThe opening page randomly displays one of a dozen images. By clicking on the print or cutline you can read about the photo. Random images also appear on each visit to the portfolio page.

fillEach portfolio contains thumbnail images that load fast. Click on a thumbnail and you can view a larger image, sometimes accompanied by a story about the image.


Luther Leith
Al's photograph of Luther Leith was used on a poster for the annual art show in Omak, where Al was the poster artist for 2002.

fillFor the past three years, Al (first two years with Pat Morrissey) showed his work at a booth at the Omak Western and Native Art Show. I plan to return in 2002 with new boards created this winter by Dale Downey.

fillProjects for 2002 include going digital prints. Al is saving money to produce certain images on an Epson printer with archival inks. These images include those that were difficult if not impossible to print in the wet darkroom. Al felt it was time to take advantage of his expertise in the digital world, learned while working at The Chronicle.

fillAn immediate outgrowth of learning digital led to the addition of Paul Roark's photographs at the gallery. Paul is very, very active in digital imaging, where he's a world-leader in creating curves and workflows for MIS inks and Epson printers.

fillAl also plans to do more 8x10 contact prints. The 8x10 has become a much appreciated camera in Al's arsenal. The ultimate goal will be producing platinum/platinum prints.

fillA HUGE goal in 2002 will be putting the final touches on Al's first portfolio, which he hopes he can get printed in a photo publication. This has been a goal for the last few years. It really needs to come to closure.

fillAl continues as photography section editor BoP at the Open Directory Project. He's the only editor with capital letters in his name, which indicates he was one of the first editors at ODP.

thesight logo
fillFor the year 2001, Al was included at thesight5, a yearly showing of photographers on the Net.

fillAl last attended a workshop the spring of 2000 held by Alan Ross at Whidbey Island.

fillAl uses split variable contrast printing using an Aristo VC 4x5 head. Lessons learned at John Sexton workshop, such as aligning the enlarger, dimming his safelights and warming his developer (Al built a custom developer tray) with a fish-tank heater, have greatly improved his printing.

fillred arrow Photos are rotated every few months at Sun Mountain Lodge near Winthrop.
fillred arrow Al's photography was mentioned in the March 1998 edition of Photo District News.
fillred arrow Al's photography appears on Hotbot's Recommended List of black-and-white sites, at ArtZone, and at Lycos.

fillred arrow Netlook Photography Magazine, March/April, 1997 (apparently no on Net now).
Black and White award
fillred arrowA featured site at Black and White World May, 1996.
NetGuide Award
fillred arrowNetGuide awarded Al's original gallery site a Gold Award, rating it four out of five stars in January 1997. NetGuide screened over 100,000 URLs and reviewed more than 50,000 sites before awarding its Gold Award to 15,000 of the Web's best sites.
fillred arrowNetGuide's review of Al's original gallery was nice and unexpected.

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