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Seeinglight Web Design is an offshoot of Al Camp's creating web pages for the Internet starting in 1995 with a small, personal photo gallery. That gallery has since evolved into Seeinglight Gallery, which features the work of several photographers.

To create sites, Al draws upon his creative (right brain) side that includes experience working at The Chronicle newspaper in Omak since 1979 as a photographer, sports/news editor and doing page layout. He also maintains the sports and news sections on The Chronicle's web site. Al holds a BA in Cinematography from Washington State University (1979).

Al draws on his programming (left brain) side to produce functional sites. He wrote his first program in high school for the IBM mainframe computer in the late 1960s. Since then he's written programs in college (IBM mainframe computers), a commercial program in the early 1980s that predicted football games (ran on the Apple IIe) and learned html starting in 1995 when he got onto the Net full-time. Al received a BS in Physical Science from Washington State University (1985), where he majored in mathematics and computer programming, minored in physics and electrical engineering.



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