Skull Rock
Skull Rock, Page, Arizona

Photographed: Nov. 1995
Format: 4x5
Film: TRI-X
Development: N

    More than three years after I printed this image I found it hidden amongst papers strewn about my darkroom. I hadn't forgotten it. But I'd always wondered whatever happened to it.
    This and several other nice photographs were taken during a photo workshop organized by Bruce Barnbaum. Other instructors included Jay Dusard, Stu Levy and Don Kirby. The workshop centered in Page, Arizona, near the Utah border. For finding images, this was by far my favorite workshop.
    The rock image was taken outside of town near a park. Several of us students walked north less than a half mile when I spotted this rock, which reminded me of a skull.
    I don't normally like to photography in the middle of the day, but the harsh shadows seemed to bring out the rock's nature.

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