Doug at Beach
Doug at Beach, double exposure
Variable-Tone Carbon Pigments on Archival Matte Paper

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Photographed: July-August 2001
Format: 4x5
Film: TRI-X

Development: Pyro, Normal
Printed on Epson 1280 printer, Epson Archival Matte Paper, MIS archival ink set. Paul Roark workflow/curves.

     I finally got around to developing the last of my 4x5 negatives taken in 2001. Along the way I spotted this double exposure negative.

     One exposure was taken during a short vacation with the family in July at the beaches near Florence, Oregon. That's my son, Doug, standing in the incoming waves, humoring his dad on a very hot day.

     The original exposure had been in the spring at wheat fields near Monse. Of coincidence, Doug was with me that day, too. It was windy, but we managed to use a long lens to capture some odd rocks and patterns of the harvested wheat field.

     The negative, of course, came out a bit thicker than I would like. I surely didn't want to wait for two minute exposures or longer in the enlarger. That's when the idea struck me to use my flatbed scanner, which has a 4x5 transmission area for scanning negatives.

     I use PhotoShop at the newspaper where I work, so manipulating the image didn't seem all that difficult. I will clean the glass next time I scan, however, because it's no fun cleaning up dust.

     This is my first print with a recently purchased Epson 1280 printer, set up with hextone cartridges from MIS. I still don't know what I am doing, but at least I got a print that looks pretty good. Next up will be my tackling some negatives with scratches that are impossible to retouch by hand.

     Stay tuned!

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