antelope canyon
Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona


Photographed: Nov. 1995
Format: 4x5
Film: TRI-X
Lens: 180 mm
Exposure: 30 minutes
Development: N-4

     This is from the middle Antelope Canyon area near Page, Utah, during a class with Bruce Barnbaum. Other instructors included Jay Dusard and Stu Levy.

     Normally you expose for the highlights and develop for the shadows. In such dark areas you just open up the lens and let the exposure begin. Some exposures have been two hours or longer. It's tough to get long exposures since tourists come through every hour using video cameras with lights.

     Development is with a very diluted developer, mine being Rodinol. About an ounce to 100 ounces of water. You want to squeeze the range of 17 stops back into a printable 8 stops or so.

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